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Broad Creatives’ communications design blog is meant to inspire and inform. Curated by our dynamic team, we offer creative insight, inspiration, and strategic marketing tactics to power your brand’s identity.

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Broad Creatives’ Communications Design Blog is meant to inspire and inform. Curated by our dynamic team, we offer creative insight, inspiration, and strategic marketing tactics to power your brand’s identity.


The Labor of Love


“Approach it as a labor of love, because when you’re worrying about money, people can feel it.”Tina Roth Eisenberg

It’s a new year which means many of us are reflecting on what’s passed and setting intentions for what’s next. As a business owner, this is a meaningful time for me and something I look forward to annually. I am proud of the goals Broad Creatives met in 2018, and am feeling inspired and optimistic as we embark on 2019.

I’ve also been taking stock of the evolution of our brand to-date, and in some ways I feel we’ve been missing the mark. In the past, we intentionally limited our audience’s perspective to the work we produce; not the people behind it. We narrowed Broad Creatives’ voice on social media to sharing finished projects and stripped the website down to a straightforward presentation of past work and offerings. We resisted blogging because it felt like a chore that would be hard to keep up with (even though we know there’s nothing better for SEO). I personally wasn’t sure what we’d even have to write about that wasn’t already being said elsewhere.

Yet the work we do so often focuses on people. We specialize in lifestyle brands, small businesses, and nonprofits that improve people’s lives. In our interactions with clients, THE best insights and ideas stem from great conversations relating life experiences with one another. It always feels incidental in the moment, but topics like comparing our current lives in Maine (versus our past in California) to where our clients grew up… or where they live now. Sharing parenting woes and laughter. Hating or loving on the latest Pantone Color of the Year together. Offering compassion when they or we have a personal crisis that slows the trajectory of a project; like the health scare that unexpectedly left me unable to work for six weeks this past fall. I still can’t believe how understanding and generous our clients were during that time.

Relating to our clients on a human level builds a foundation of trust that benefits all parties. Our clients hire us not only because they like our work, referrals, or proposals. It’s because something clicks when we talk to them, and the fit feels right for everyone. That something cannot easily be summed up with a cool infographic or Twitter-sized caption, but it’s a big part of what we offer. Our team – Rocky, myself, and the talented creatives we collaborate with – are the real people behind these relationships and distinguish Broad Creatives from other brands. And starting this year, we’re all making an effort to share our voices with you.

I’ll wrap this up by divulging one of my goals for 2019 and it’s both personal and professional: Stay in the moment. I’m the type of person who constantly worries about what’s ahead, but as a mother I am daily reminded to stay in the moment. Professionally, I pride myself in the fact that I do what I love for a living – I’m a designer. I’m also an entrepreneur, creative director, and consultant… a friend, sister, daughter, wife, and “mum-mum” to one incredible kid. I’ve earned most of these roles through a combination of hard work and dumb luck, and I don’t take them for granted. But it’s easy to get caught up in what I feel I must “improve”, whether it’s growing my business, fixing our home, or lining my daughter up for the best education possible. When we wholeheartedly set our sights on what could be, we miss what is, even when it’s wondrous and happening right in front of us. This year, I plan to nurture the home and work life I’ve labored for in situ. I’ll trust that by doing so, the reaching-the-stars part will happen organically. If that doesn’t happen, at least I will cherish the journey.